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Let's Get Rolling!

But first, what kinds of video does your business need?

Really, there is no end-all, be-all list of videos that you could create for your business.
If you have a fun, new, entertaining idea, I'd love to hear it! But let's use this list to get started.

The "Explainer"

  • A demonstration of how your product works

  • How the customer uses your product   (yes, this is different)

  • How you make something

Get to Know

  • Introduce yourself

  • Give a tour of your space

  • "Meet our Team" video

  • Introduce your new staff member (like a new doctor at the office)

  • Give an interview

  • Customer testimonials

Social Media Shorts

These are unique, timely videos that are under one minute and invoke a sense of knowing your company's personality better. They invite your customers to respond and share!


  • Capture event highlights

  • Time-lapse of an event

  • Record a presentation

What's included?

All of my videos go through a process to make them look their very best! This includes:

  • Video and photo color correction

  • Adding copyright free background music

  • Speeding up or slowing down clips for dramatic effect

  • Captions and titles

  • Add your logo, contact info or any other company information

  • Custom graphics

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