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Social Media Consulting

As a business owner, you wear 100 different hats.

Social media is just one of them!


Do you struggle trying to figure out what to post each week?


Are you tired of trying to keep up with all the updates and changes in social media?


Do you feel like you’re constantly wasting time by scrolling through your feed, looking for inspiration and trends?




Social media is a great place to get in front of your customers and make your brand stand out.



If you don’t have a strategy, you feel like you’re spinning your wheels.


If you don’t take the time, you feel like you’re falling behind.


If you don’t share, you feel like you’re missing out.




What if you could have your very own marketing manager - to be by your side and support you where you need it most?


What if you could get someone to help you make a plan that would keep you on track and take out the guess work?


What if you could have a person working with you - but didn’t have to add another person to your staff?




We provide a variety of services including:


  • Brainstorming new content ideas

  • Social media account setup and audits

  • Finding new social media trends and applying them to your business

  • Creating your social media strategy, specific to your business and marketing goals

  • Updating your content calendar

  • Designing images that are professional, on-brand and tailored for each platform

  • Photography

  • Videography

  • Video editing

  • Creating Reels and TikToks

  • Monitoring social media analytics

  • Engaging with your followers

  • Building a strong and growing online community

  • Building brand awareness while growing sales


Let’s Chat!


We’d love to help you figure out what you need the most and how we can help take the stress out of social media for you and your business.

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