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Give your business a voice

I started working with small businesses to create their own social media accounts back in 2009.  This was the first year that Facebook introduced "Facebook Pages" and companies were just starting to see the value in creating an online relationship with their customers.

By now, most businesses see the value in these platforms and have even mastered the art of engaging with their followers without sounding like a billboard.

That being said, as fast as social media changes, there will always be room for improvement, growth and new ideas!

I can work with you to : 

  • Get your online accounts cleaned up and ship-shape

  • Training on how to utilize new apps, websites and tools that make everything easier and more fun

  • Set social media goals/objectives

  • Project a brand voice

  • Design social media campaign graphics

  • Develop social media calendars

  • And simply work with you on any questions

or create any ideas you may have!

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