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Kids Make FUN Videos!

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

So many business are kid friendly. Think - pumpkin patch, family friendly tourist spots, bakery, candy store, kids museum, family restaurant, pediatrician or family dentist, any store that sells kids' shoes, clothing, get the idea!

I can imagine that these types of businesses would love to show kids enjoying their space or showcasing their products but may believe that working with little ones to be overwhelming or impossible to get the perfect take.

I'm here to tell you that not only is it possible, it can be really fun and produce a great, authentic video!

Ahhhh, the magic of video editing!

Honestly, I was just starting to make dinner and my 3 year old wanted to help. He pulled over his stool and I set up my tripod. Then the 6 year old wanted to help and I thought to myself, "Oh great, here comes the bickering." But they did a great job and with a little computer magic I was able to just capture the right moments.

You don't need much content to create a 60 second video, which is all Instagram allows these days. I used three different apps, all on my phone to create this.

First, I used the iMovie app to do the bulk of video editing - deleting the bad and keeping the good.

I used PicCollage to create the posters and then finished it all off using the Clips app to scale it down to the square format (needed for Instagram and Pinterest but also usable in Facebook), add all the fun graphics and the music. All of these are free and available for iPhones.

Are you ready to have a kid video of your own?

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