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Wondering what you'll post next?

We will ensure that your social media profiles are running smoothly, up-to-date and building a strong community of followers with posts that have a personal voice, branded graphics, attention-grabbing photos/videos and engaging copywriting.

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Come on over to Kristin.Kinnectivity on Instagram!

You'll find: useful tips, trends to try, sounds to use, updates and changes to social media and more. 

Kristin Nelson

Social Media Manager

Is it hard for you to keep up with all of the changes in social media?

If it feels like things are changing daily, it's because they are!

Not to worry!

As your personal social media manager, I will:

  • Give you updates on social media trends and advice on how to use them

  • Help you come up with new, creative ways to promote your business

  • Create branded content that will stand out and "stop the scroll"

  • Build and connect with a community that supports you.


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Appleton, WI, USA

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